BTG wins EUBIA annual prize

Bio4Products coordinator BTG Biomass Technology Group has been awarded the annual EUBIA prize at this years’ European Biomass Conference & Exhibition in Lisbon.

Since 2000 EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, gives its annual prize to companies who demonstrate success in supporting biomass development at commercial and industrial level.

According to EUBIA, BTG has made a “great contribution to the development of the biomass industry and associated market”.

The development and production of sustainable oil from biomass (wood chips) was mentioned in particular, with reference made to the order won by BTG-BTL for a €100 million production plant in Finland.

The prize was accepted by René Venendaal, CEO of BTG, who said “This makes it very clear how much our contribution is appreciated, and it is actually a prize for our entire body of work.

“I also see this as an incentive to further develop and roll out our innovative technologies so that we can work towards a more sustainable economy.”

This includes in the Bio4Products project, where BTG is looking beyond energy applications, towards the production of bio-based products from pyrolysis oil.  Chief Technology Officer Bert van de Beld presented progress during the conference.