The Bio4Products project has received funding under the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) initiative, a contractual public-private partnership (PPP) under the EU framework programme Horizon 2020. You can find out more about the SPIRE initiative here:





The Rehap project has also been funded by the SPIRE PPP, and has similarities with Bio4Products. Rehap aims to strengthen the European bio-economy industry by creating novel materials from agricultural and forestry waste, and considering how they can be used commercially in the green building sector.


Biorefine Cluster Europe

Bio4Products is a member of the Biorefine Cluster Europe. This cluster interconnects projects and people within the domain of biobased resource recovery, striving to contribute to a more sustainable resource management in the framework of circular economysystems.





The European Bioeconomy Network (EuBioNet)

Bio4Products is a member of the EuBioNet. This network is a proactive alliance of EU funded projects dealing with Bioeconomy promotion, communication and support. The main goal is to maximise the efforts, increasing the knowledge sharing, networking, mutual learning, coordination of joint activities and events.