Finland invests in fast pyrolysis

BTG’s fast pyrolysis biomass conversion technology will be coming to Finland as part of a €100 million deal signed this month.

Finnish company Green Fuel Nordic Oy has agreed the purchase of a fast pyrolysis plant from BTG-BTL, sister company to BTG Biomass Technology. The plant will produce 20 million litres of oil per year using waste sawdust from a nearby sawmill.

The oil produced in this manner can be used in various ways, for example to replace natural gas or fuel oil in industrial applications, or upgraded to fuel for cars, planes and ships. Alternatively, as is being demonstrated in Bio4Products, pyrolysis oil can be further processed into renewable chemicals and bio-based products such as resins for insulation foams, wood modification, and many other applications. 

In a Bio4Products study into biomass availability around Europe, Finland was identified as one of the most promising locations for a fast pyrolysis plant, along with sites in the Netherlands, France and Romania. You can read more about the Finland purchase on the BTG website.