Meet the team #2: Capax

Capax Biobased Development (also known as Capax Environmental services) is an SME that specialises in turning biobased projects into success. Capax uses novel business development strategies combined with biobased design thinking to challenge assumptions and identify the underlying potential of projects. Based in the vicinity of Brussels, a versatile team uses disruptive approaches to facilitate investors, technology providers and project developers, in order to take the right decisions, answer to real market demands, find new market opportunities and boost their sales.

Mission statement

Capax mission is to ensure that biobased projects reach financial closure and are successful. Novel strategies implementing design thinking in combination with feedstock expertise and product development guarantees Return On Investment of projects.

Main activities

Capax combines long-lasting expertise of biomass feedstocks and project development with design thinking.

  • Biomass feedstock strategies (sourcing, long term securement)
  • Biobased project development support
  • Circular biobased product development
  • Biobased design thinking
  • Financial closure of biobased projects

Role in Bio4Products

In Bio4Products Capax Biobased development focuses on assessing, selecting, pre-treating and supplying different types of ligno-cellulosic biomass feedstocks suitable for the fast pyrolysis process of BTG. Sustainability aspects and industrial symbiosis were considered when defining the feedstock strategies. In order to come to tangible business case scenarios, Capax implemented the principal of Virtual Plant Locations (VPL’s).

Contact: Bart Tambuyser ([email protected])