Join our final webinar on sustainability!

The bioeconomy has great potential to reduce our dependence on non-renewable, unsustainable resources, and help achieve carbon neutrality. In the future more and more everyday products will be made from materials of biological origin.

But is ‘bio-based’ always sustainable? How should product sustainability be measured? And do consumers care either way?

This webinar will aim to provide some answers, with presentations from experts in the bio-based sector.



  • Matthias Stratmann, nova-Institut
  • Jurjen Spekreijse, BTG Biomass Technology Group
  • Nils Rettenmaier, IFEU
  • Kathryn Sheridan, Sustainability Consult

Moderator: James Ling, Greenovate! Europe





This webinar is being organised by Greenovate! Europe and is the fourth and final webinar in the series ‘From biomass to bio-based products’. You can re-watch the previous webinars here: